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Who we are

If you want to know something about us, these little biographies are absolutely true in every detail. We can provide the evidence.

Camilla Garofano

Born in Empoli, where she lives and works, she has many curls in her head, but once she had them shaved to zero by an ice cream maker, in Florence.
Starting as a costume designer, at the age of 26 she begins her illustration career, working with digital programs with many difficulties due to old age.
Since 2014 she has worked with: Sperling and Kupfer, Piemme editions, Giunti, Eli La Spiga, Newton Compton and Usborne Publishing.
She draws inspiration from everything around her, from old movies that she watches six times a week or from posters in her aunt’s bathroom.
During her free time she takes care of her plants and moves the furniture.
Since 2014 she is a member of the illustration group Le Vanvere, of which she is a founding member (and primeval spark).
Fetishist of the passepartout and reckless optimist, can stop eating for days feeding only on her work.


Giulia Quagli

Born in Fucecchio, she attended the Scientific High School because her art professor told her that she was not gifted with artistic qualities.
However, with a very hard head, she decided to enroll at the Academy of Fine Arts and after that, at the International School of Comics in Florence.
Her training includes the study of classical anatomy, oil painting of doubtful taste, night sessions of role-playing games and the Simpsons.
Since 2014 she works as a digital artist and, despite the opinion of her teacher, she has collaborated with: Giunti, Piemme editions, Mondadori, Zanichelli, Pearson, Gribaudo and many others.
She has a worrying addiction to coffee, Disney movie songs, ugly postcards and lists to stick to the wall and check out with colorful highlighters.
In her spare time she would like to take long walks in the mountains or go to Disneyland wearing a mermaid glitter tail, but in reality she does not have any kind of free time at all.
Known for her judgmental  frown and the great dictatorial skills of a true leader, since 2014 she is the president of the illustration group le Vanvere.


Arianna Bellucci

She was born in Florence in October 1991, grew up and at some point she will eventually die. In the meantime she plays badly the drums and even worse the guitar, she dances and sings at less appropriate times and she always smell a book to decide if she likes it.
A lover of videogames and animated films, preferably in stop-motion, she attended the Entertainment Design class at the Nemo Academy of Digital Arts in Florence.
She later worked as a 2D artist for the video game industry, mainly together with the LKA studio for the release of "The Town of Light" game. In 2018 her career takes a turn when she started working with Sweet Cherry Publishing and Whitestar Kids as a children's illustrator.
She is endowed with a subtle irony with grotesque tones, great danceable qualities, appetite at every hour, artistic talent and an excessive amount of modesty.
She is a member of the illustration group Le Vanvere since 2018.


Giulia Lombardo

She was born on the cold Christmas Eve of 1991 in Florence and from that day she struggles to have someone at her birthday party to snatch from family dinners.
She lives and works in her small studio surrounded by dogs, cats, rabbits, a chicken with neurological problems named Calimero, and Arianna Bellucci.
Graduated in 2013 as Entertainment Designer at the Nemo Academy of Digital Arts, she has worked since then as an illustrator of children’s books.
She currently collaborates with several publishing houses, including Usborne Publishing, Whitestar Kids, National Geographic Kids, Clementoni, Edizioni Piemme.
In her spare time she builds vintage chicken coops, produces homemade yogurt and treks with broken shoes.
Six feet of pure efficiency under ten pounds of hair.
She’s afraid of needles, but she’s not afraid of any kind of deadly work planning.
She gets sick at the cost of finishing the job and for this reason she is appreciated in the illustration group Le Vanvere, of which she's a member since 2018.


Marta Sorte

Marta Sorte was born under the sign of Cancer, "perfectionism" ascendant, in Arcene, Northern Italy.
She grows up and graduates as an Advertising Graphic Designer, then grows a little more and specializes in comics and illustration at the Comics school in Florence.
She has now grown too much, she is forced to remain in the Tuscan capital. Here she discovers and experiments with Florentine cuisine and numerous artistic techniques that are very different from each other, but she always remains consistent with an unmistakable taste and style.
In terms of work, she established herself very quickly in the children's publishing sector and the French market found her and never let her go.
She relentlessly creates little colorful worlds populated by the cutest little critters, all while rigorously listening to podcasts about murders and horrendous crimes.
While her stylistic research continues, she never stops tasting and experimenting: from pizza to stop motion, from music to macarons, from ceramics to soy sauce.

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